What do I do with extra cannoli cream?

There should be no extra cream left.  You are not filling the cannoli with enough cream, but in the event that you do have some left over, here are a couple of suggestions.

              A.  Thin it out with a bit of cream or milk.  Use the cream as a fruit dip.

              B.  You can pipe extra cream on the cookie of your choice, Pecan Sandies are a great idea.

              C.  You can get mini tartlet shells, sold at the grocery store in the frozen food department.  Pipe a bit of cream into the baked                       tartlet shell and top with a piece of fruit, like kiwi, strawberries, or grapes.


How do I keep my cannoli kit until I am ready to use it?

You should refrigerate the bag with the cannoli cream immediately upon arriving home.  Keep it as cold as possible.  We suggest the back of the bottom shelf of your refrigerator.  You should not freeze cannoli cream.  It sacrifices the quality once you thaw it out.  Put the box of shells in a cool dry place.  You can wrap the box in a plastic bag and tie it to help keep moisture out.

What is citron?

Citron is a fruit grown in the Mediterranean countries.  It is the size of large pear, green in color, and somewhat fragrant.  It is candied (preserved in sugar) and used in the most classical recipes for cannoli and other Italian foods.  For more information about citron click here!

Do you ship cannoli kits?

No, but they have been shipped around the world.  Remember that the cannoli cream must be kept cold, so packing it presents a problem and an expense.  Overnight mailing is required.

Can I get more than one flavor in a mini kit of cannoli?

A kit of cannoli includes the shells, garnish of nuts or chocolate, mini sifter of powdered sugar, a decorative doily. It come with a bag of cream that will fill 14 mini-shells or 7 full-size shells.  The bag is of the same flavor.  Half bags or more than one flavor can not be done at a cost that is practical, so we do not offer more than one flavor of cannoli cream to a kit.

Do I have to order in advance?

No.  Generally there would be no problem getting your cannoli.  Remember that this is a truly hand-made product and there would be times when we are sold out of product.  ORDERING IN ADVANCE WILL GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL HAVE YOUR PRODUCT.  REMEMBER TO ORDER AT HOLIDAY TIMES OR IF YOU NEED A LARGE AMOUNT OR WANT A SPECIAL FLAVOR.

Do I need a cannoli kit or a pre-filled cannoli?

The advantage of a cannoli kit is that your cannoli will always be crisp and fresh.  You can keep your kit for at least 15 days if properly cared for.  If you are buying cannoli and going home to enjoy them, you might have them pre-filled.  Remember that a pre-filled cannoli will only be optimal for about 3 hours if kept cold and dry.

              I'm going to a party and want to bring a hostess gift        =====> You need a kit.

              I'm going to have them tomorrow.                                 =====> You need a kit.

              I'm going to have a few when I get home and save the    =====> You need a kit.

              I was asked to bring dessert.                                         =====> You need a kit.

              I need them for Tuesday, but you are only open on Fri     =====> You need a kit.

              I'm taking them to grandmom's on Sunday.                     =====> You need a kit.

              We are going home to have dessert.                               =====> Pre-filling is an option.

              I have some friends over and we are starving for some     =====> Pre-filling is an option.

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